Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We regard your protection. This Policy Statement ("Privacy Policy") portrays the ways we gather data from and about you, and how we manage the data, so you may choose whether or not to give data to us. By utilizing our site, or buying in our items or administrations, you consent to this Privacy Policy notwithstanding some other arrangements among customers and Gainoid Research.

We guarantee and regard Privacy for every one of the people, substances, paid customers and prospected clients who in any structure are related with and have shared their data to us through the authoritatively approved electronic stages.

Your data, regardless of whether public or private, won't be sold, traded, moved, to any individual or substance under any circumstance without your assent. Your data is the portrayal of your electronic way of life as a client and it is our obligation to protect your security henceforth adjustment in any close-to-home data must be done either by giving us your assent recorded as a hard copy by means of your enrolled email address.

Code of Ethics: Gainoid Research and its partners will act with uprightness, ability, constancy, and in a moral way with every one of the members in the worldwide market.

Our Responsibilities towards You

We and our associates shall be loyal in giving recommendations.

We and our associates shall evaluate the risk capacity of clients and hence recommend research according to the client’s risk-taking capacity.

We and our associates shall review the recommendations regularly to ensure fair client handling.

We and our associates shall have a reasonable and adequate basis supported by appropriate research.

We and our associates shall disclose to clients the basic format of recommendations.

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